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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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lincoln chafee, is now out... chopping the democratic field o o candidates running for president... down to three... and once again reducing the number of speakers at tomorrow's jefferson jackson dinner. good evening. i'm sonya heitshusen five candidates were moines for the fundraiser... but with chafee and jim webb out... that leaves just three. hillary clinton, martin o'malley, and bernie sanders... stephanie moore joins us first organizers are prepping hy-vee hall. as you can imagine the set up for tomorrow's jefferson-jackson dinner is already underway... crews have been working since yesterday to make sure the space is ready for tomorrow's big crowds... 'its a lot of work going back and forth with the iowa democratic party, working on the floor plan, how many seats we need available for each campaigns guests, how many rounds we need to put out for the dinner. the event is one of the largest dinners the iowa events center will host this year... it will serve 2,000
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meals in just 45 minutes. on top of bringing in extra staff, the the iowa events center is also working directly with the secret service to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. the iowa democratic party is also gearing up for the event. press secretary josh levitt says his staff is prepared to host the the three candidates tomorrow night and says a smaller group is great news for iowa democrats... 'by having three candidates tomorrow night front and center, iowa democrats are going to be able to hear each of their visions for the future and at this stage in the game that is very important.' the iowa democratic party says the event is almost sold out and a waiting list has been started... it expects more than 6,000 people to attend. martin o'malley is hoping to make the most of the jefferson jackson martin o'malley is hoping to make the most of the jefferson jackson dinner. the quinnipiac university poll shows clinton leading, with 51 -
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bernie sanders falls in second with 40 percent. and martin o'malley is in a distant third with 4 percent. ben carson is solidifying his lead in iowa... a des moines register-bloomberg poll shows carson pulling in 28-percent of the support of likely republican caucus goers. august poll. trump is nine points behind at 19-percent. ted cruz is in third place with 10- fourth with 9- percent. jeb bush and rand paul are tied for fifth place. louisiana governor bobby jindal pulled in just three percent, but says his time in iowa will move him up in the polls. jindal talked with political campaign. he confirmed that he will take part in the october 28th debate with the other candidates lagging behind in the polls... jindal says that's despite polling higher than some candidates on the main stage in early voting states. he insists spending time in iowa will help
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5:00-5:11 there is a saying in lousiana, you go hunting where the ducks are. the votes are here. i think the race changes dramatically after february first, after the caucuses. i think we will do very well in iowa and that will propel us to the nomination. to hear more from governor jindal, tune it to the insiders" with dave price this sunday at 9-30... the state's only inside golf dome is closing nats: golf ball hits longview golf center was in the middle of nowhere when it opened... but is now surrounded by new development. that makes the land the golf range is on, very valuable. owners, sue and george frampton say that's why they're selling their land. longview closes at sundown... a farewell party for the range is tomorrow from two until six. a davis county runner won a big race this week, but won't get credit for it... channel 13's justin surrency tells us why his good sportsmanship..
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it was what he'd worked all summer long become davis county's first ever district cross country champion... i thought it was phenomenal, everyone giving high fives, right when i crossed the finish line i could t help but cry"then five minutes later i see this kid he's like dying and what not and he's about ready to fall.the runners name was garrett hinson from mediapolis. "he saw this runner on the ground unconscious and it seemed he wasn't getting medical attention"so and helped garrett.. "it was about 15 meters from the left...i knew i couldn't help him finish so i just gave him a push and told him you can do it..."zach said garret hinson's gratitude she said i was her hero"while
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calls it illegal and disqualified both runners... " i didn't want anyone to see me break down because i couldn't take it, all that work for nothing"in a statement from bud legg with the ihsaa he said, quote: an athlete who receives or gives assistance to another runner in the same race is disqualified. while it was a sportsmanlike act to help someone in distress it remained a violation and the official had no choice but to enforce the rule. "if i could do it all again i wouldn't change a thing because i did what i thought was right"despite the courageous act costing individual glory both zach and his coach hope it can teach a lifelong lesson to others. "if you show good sportsmanship, if you are there because you love what you are doing and having fun, i think that's what it's all about, " the rest of the davis county team scored well enough to
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finish third... and to qualify for state as a team, to compete in fort dodge for the class 2a state meet saturday october 31st... or a football game... rain fell most of the day... and the night... chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us now... ed.. hopefully, no lightning for those football games. the grid iron will be muddy on the final night of the regular
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but teams are ready to fight for a spot in the playoffs no matter what the conditions. coming up in sports...
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we go live to pleasant hill... for the big game between ankeny and southeast polk... one that will decide a division title. but first, three patients... three self-less people... and the six surgeries that tie them all together... 5 - hundred and 23... that's the number people in iowa 5 - hundred and 23... that's the
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5 - hundred and 23... that's the number people in iowa currently in need of a kidney... this week three people on the list received their wish and today they got to meet the people who saved their lives. channel 13's jodi whitworth was their for the reunion...
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sonya... it's really neat how this whole process works. it started with janet hircock. she's 55 - years - old and donating an organ has been a life long dream of hers after she donated... the daughter of hircock's recipient ... gave her kidney to someone else.. and so on. one of the recipient has waited for a kidney for eight years and never thought this day would come 144310 - the thought pops in your head at times but i knew that i would probably get one eventually but now when they brought it up to me and it happened so fast - but its been a long time - thurman thurman cole found out three weeks ago he was a match. three donors are a part of the donor chain at mercy hopsital. and after six operations, doctors call the transplants a success. this is the third donor chain that mercy has completed since 2013.
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the ages of the donors and recipients range in age from 39 to 64. doctor cass franklin says he's inspired by the generosity of donors. 015310 these are generally folks that have a vision beyond the immidate, they care for humanity certainly beyond their inner circle. i would like to consider them heroes for their courage and generosity unfortunately hircock unfortunately hircock was unable to meet the recipients today . she is still recovering. doctor says it will take six to eight weeks for she and the others to make a full recovery how did it happen so fast? how are we already at the final
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how did it happen so fast? how are we already at the final
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how did it happen so fast? how are we already at the final football friday of the regular season? many seniors will play their final football games tonight. that's not the case at southeast polk. the visiting ankeny hawks and home team rams are both in the playoffs, but that doesn't mean there's nothing at stake. we bring in michael admire from the big game. michael, what goes to the winner? cue to vo: bragging rights cue to sot: one streak will end cue to vo: bragging rights cue to sot: one streak will end cue to vo: bragging rights cue to sot: one streak will end cue to sot: one streak will end michael, thank you. you can follow football friday
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you can follow football friday scores on the 13 now app,, or on digital 13.2 paul rhoads and the cyclones must feel like they're in the center of a storm, and not the one slamming texas
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the cyclones' 3 game stretch of games against video game scoring has isu at the site of its worst game in many years. two years ago, baylor thumped iowa state 71-7. the 64 point loss is the most lopsided in cyclone history. cyclones at #2 baylor saturday morning at 11. oct. 18 nfl on nbc: patriots @ colts oct. 25 nfl on nbc: eagles @ panthers oct. 18 nfl on nbc: patriots @ colts oct. 25 nfl on nbc: eagles oct. 18 nfl on nbc: patriots @
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colts oct. 25 nfl on nbc: eagles
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